Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sufi Wisdom: The Story Of The Two Lights

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Once upon a time in a land far away, a woman named, Neru set off on a journey to a village many miles from her home. She left in search of a particular Sufi renowned for his wisdom.

Upon reaching the village, Neru was told that the Sufi lived on a nearby mountainside. Although darkness was falling, she set off up the mountain towards a bright light, certain that it was there she would find the Sufi.

When she reached the source of the light she was surprised to find nothing but an oil-lamp with moths fluttering around it. As her eyes grew accustomed to the dark, Neru noticed a dim glow a short way off. Walking over to it, she discovered the Sufi reading by the light of a candle.

Neru greeted him and then asked, "Why are sitting here in the near-darkness when there is a much brighter light over there?"

"As you can see, the bright light is for the moths, leaving me here in peace to study by the light of my candle," replied the Sufi.

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:: Often sufi stories (just like zen stories), present very deep philosophical insights on life. What hints to do you get from this story? What is your enlightenment from this? There are certain symbolism here for the bigger and smaller lights, moths. God Willing, I will post my own realization from it soon.
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