Monday, January 02, 2006

The praise that is spontaneous

May we be swept away in the flood of praise which is arising from all minds and hearts in creation, directed only to the Source and Goal of Being, the vast Ocean of Light without shores, the Reality that calls itself Allah Most High and by all of the beautiful Divine Names.

Once we see the spontaneous praise that is arising from our own heart, from all beings, even from the atoms as they whirl, even from stars and galaxies as they whirl and revolve, then we will understand why such perfect Mercy and Justice flows constantly from Allah Most High to all the dimensions and beings in His creation. It is because we are all totally receptive and open to Allah. Reveals the Holy Quran, "All beings bow before the Ultimate Reality," no matter what their thoughts or motivations. There is no other possibility for us as creations, as created beings, except to bow before the Creator. Bowing is something intrinsic and natural to our being. It would be impossible for the atom not to whirl. Similarly it would be impossible for the heart not to cry out to Allah.

~ excerpts from the Friday sermon by Shaykh Nur al-Jerrahi delivered in 1994. As Friday is marked as weekly prayer day for Muslims, during the noon, before the friday prayer the Imam or Leader in prayer gives a speach.

You can also enjoy a friday sermon by visiting a local mosque of your area on any friday. It might give u a chance to see how muslims pray really. Find out the nearest mosque in USA states here.

Link: Credit :: Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order

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