Monday, January 02, 2006

My soul is exceedingly sorrowful

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My soul is exceedingly sorrowful

:: Mark 14:34

This saying of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is very beautiful and full of mystical teachings. Sadness is perhaps the most subtle but obvious reality of our soul. Why? The answer is inside the metaphysics of soul. Since our soul is separated from the Ultimate Soul once we are born in this world, unknowingly our soul long for its Source. Don't know whether you have noticed it or not, but sometime a mysterious sadness come and shadow us although we don't know why.

Sufi Inayat Khan writes, "If sorrow and sadness have no reality, why then did Christ say, 'My soul is exceeding sorrowful?' We must distinguish between the human side of the Master's life and the divine side. If the human side were not human, then what would be human? Why does God send His message to humanity by a man and not by angels? Because only a human being knows human beings. He knows them from having experienced human limitation.

That he felt sadness is the most beautiful side of the Master's life. If he had not, how could he have sympathized with those who are sorrowful? If we were all born perfect there would be no purpose in human life. The purpose of life is that we grow towards perfection; from the greatest limitation we grow towards perfection. Its beauty is in acquiring wisdom, in living at the cost of all our failures, our mistakes. It is all worthwhile, and it all accomplishes the purpose of our coming to the earth."

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