Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hindu thoughts around the blogs

:: Lonely Canadian posts a nice blog entry titled, Hinduism and Other Religions.

:: MysWizard writes on the concept of Avatar from Hindu Philosophical perspective. Also her introduction to Hinduism post is really informative.

:: Hindu blog claims that Skepticism, Atheism and Agnosticism are integral parts of Hinduism.

:: Although not a blog, but resourceful website beliefnet has an interesting article, Why I'm Proud to Be a Hindu.

:: The blog Jaibhakti post on 'The Gift of Divine Grace'.

:: Serious Science and Hindu ideas on Holographic Universe merge together here.

:: Shannon ask the question, Could it be possible that Kabbalists were really vedantists?

:: Ananda writes on the unification of Vedanta and Science.

:: Another good link on Indian Philosophy.

:: Another resourceful website on Hinduism - The Sanatana Dharma. Pin It Now!