Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hayya Aalal Falah

If you turned on your speaker when my blog loads and you have the right plugin then you will notice a sufi music playing in the background. i recently added it to the blog.

Its inspired from 'the Islamic call of prayer'. The statement inside the sufi chanting is, "Hayya Aalal Falah", which literally means 'come to the success' or 'come to the victory'. Its arabic.

A spiritual rendering would be 'come to the bliss'. The reason why the meaning become bliss is because when we come for prayer, we come to unite with Beloved. And when we do that, we come to the bliss. But you can have other interpretation of it depending on your understanding. You can meditate on it if you like. This statement is a call to The Ultimate Reality and call to The Eternal Truth.

The beautiful use of flute in the music represent the longing of the soul for the Beloved. Other instrument that come and go represent the continuous presence of Him. Its like our inbreath and outbreath.
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