Thursday, January 12, 2006

At the end of the world

This Is The Last Stop
Originally uploaded by PlateauPhotography.
At the end of the world
met you and i.
You hold my hands
and wanted to say goodbye.

i put my finger on your lips,
so you understood me.

we looked at each other eyes,
and looked into our insides.

Then i kissed on your forehead
and you kissed mine.

Not a single word was spoken,
but we knew it all that is written.

The heaven and earth met in the horizon
and in one space of a breath you was gone.

So i wait there for you until the infinity,
Yet everything seems like vanity.

i don't know whether its i
who left you or you left mine.

At the end of the world
met you and i.

(c) Sadiq M. Alam // Singapore
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