Friday, December 02, 2005

What word did Jesus use to call God?

I have noticed with deep pain in heart that in the west there is a campaign to market the falsehood that muslims pray to a different God other than the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

And it helps them to propagate that lie since muslims use the word, "Allah" to mean God which is unknown to many westerner. And many fanatic 'so called religious leaders' say Allah is different than God. There is a common misunderstanding about this name among non-muslims.

Let me try to clear the misconception about it by finding what word Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) used exactly to mean God?

In the Semitic language of Aramaic that Jesus spoke, the Aramaic name that is translated as God in the European bible was actually Alaha. Indeed, Allah of the Qur'an and Alaha of Jesus are the same One. The name God is a relatively new, and perhaps unfortunate, European invention that has been the source of much misunderstanding, fear and hatred.

The English word "God" was, of course, unknown to Jesus. The word "God" comes from the German word "goot" which means the "good one." When Jesus spoke of "God" he employed the word "ALAHA," just as the Hebrew speaking people spoke of ALOHIM and Aramaic speakers call the Good One ALLAH.

All three of these Semitic Names for the One God share the root "AL." Unfortunately, there is no exact translation for "AL." The closest would be to "refer to one's very breath, to one's very heartbeat."

This is the reason for the famous verse in the Koran (Qur'an):
Allah is near to each of us: closer than the very jugular vein.

And muslims perfer to use the word Allah because it is the most pure word that can be given to the Divine Being since it can not be made plural and don't have any gender bias. Entymologically you can not find a more suitable word in all human language that can be used to call One True God.

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