Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A talk on Christianity, Trinity, nature of God and Islam

This is a video talk by a former Texan protestant preacher on his view on Christianity, Trinity, Islam and his own life's experience. May be, God willing it may clear some of the islamophobia and misconception of Islam.

It nicely sums up some of the typical ignorance about Islam in the west, as well as some background of comparitive theology of Bible and Quran. At differnet times many visitors in my blog wanted to know more about Islam and what is the fundamental diff. between Christianity and Islam, so i thought this video might help you view the faith from a Christian perpective. Surely God guides whom He wills. May He guide us all who is now visiting this blog. Amen.

:: Watch the video here. on Quick time , Windows Media or Real player.

Ref site: More video talks by Yusuf Estes ::
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