Thursday, December 22, 2005

Miracle of the physical heart

Almost universally, religious and spiritual traditions have always stressed the importance of the condition of the heart. Although the heart meant here is metaphysical heart, yet the physical heart is no short of mysticism.

Let me mention something here from the book Purification of the Heart, which i'm reading now.

:: The physical heart beats about 100,000 times a day, pumping two gallons of blood per minute and over 100 gallons per hour. If one were to attempt to carry 100 gallons of water (whose density is lighter than blood) from one place to another, it would be an exhausting task. Yet the human heart does this every hour of every day for an entire lifetime without respite.

:: The vascular system transporting life-giving blood is over 60,000 miles long - more than two times the circumference of the earth.

:: Heart starts beating before the brain is fully fashioned, that is without the benefit of a fully formed central nervous system. The nervous system doesn't initiate the beat of the heart, and that is actually self-initiated, or, as we would say, it is initiated by God. When all of its connections to the brain are severed, it even continues to beat.

:: There are over 40,000 neurons in the heart. While the brain sends messages to the heart, the heart also sends message to the brain. Scientists are still unveiling secrets of physical heart and its working.

Image credit: Pasieka / Science Photo
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