Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Harmony of moon, clouds and rain : (Diary)

Dover, Singapore. Its 1:55 am in the middle of the night and its raining really sweet and heavy. I love rain. Specially when it rains at the late hours of the night.

I open up the door and go out to the balcony. I wanted to watch the rain in the pure moonlight. But alas! Living in a modern city has its disadvantages. This invasion of artificial light everywhere really takes out the mysterious beauty of the pure moonlight at night. Sometime i wish i could ask the city authority to turn off *all the lights* on full moon so that all could enjoy the heavenly beauty.

I wish I could live away from this modern city, somewhere at countryside in a hut perhaps. Just enough shelter. Then could watch this beautiful rain in the middle of the night under the moonlight. I could hear the sound of every drops of rain.

Wish i could see the song of harmony between moon, clouds and rain drops from my imaginary little hut.

Will you join with me to watch the rain in the hut of my dreamland?
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