Monday, December 19, 2005

Camp experience

I promised the readers to share my experience in the YMCA camp. It was a short camp with intellectually challenged people, mostly young. I would like to mention few of my reflections from the camp here:

:: It was more learning experience for the volunteers as compared to what we could give the beneficiaries back. They live in their world 365 days a year with all their challenges whereas we only tried to help them in just 2 days of those 365 days. Very little we could do and it was such a small effort. So it was mostly our learning from them rather than the other way.

:: The participants were full of life. Interestingly when i saw them cheerful and always similing often it came to my mind that they live more in a blissful world than we do (who claim to be normal). The joy they discover out of very small things we often fail to realize or neglect day in day out.

:: Some of them are really challenging (specially those with Autism) and at times i was feeling for their parents. How difficult times they have to go through managing their children and how painful it is for them when they find their dear children challenged in many ways in life.

:: I was befriended with a little boy of 12 or 13 years old. His name is Jiang Ker. He is suffering from Down's Syndrome. The boy is really cute. He speaks very little, but seems to understand almost everything. He has difficulty with speaking. In short period of time he became very popular among many other volunteers as well, out of his magical charm. I met the parents of the Jiang Ker and i felt how proud her mother is with her child. This really touched me to the core.

:: Today, one day after my coming back from the camp... while i was walking on my university corridor i realized how big impact has been made on my mind. When i was looking at people's face as if i was expecting the faces of the participants of the camp. They seems to be well rooted inside.

:: I like to extend my prayers for all the little ones, innocent pure souls who came to the camp. I wish they recover soon, and may God in His infinite grace bless their life. I pray for their parents who with utmost patience caring for them, giving their unparallel love to them. May God bless the parents as well as their special ones. Amen.
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