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Call for prayer

Naein, Iran 1972
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God is the Great. God is the Great.
I testify that there is no god but One God.
I testify that Muhammad is God's messenger.
Come to prayer, come to prayer.
Come to attainment, come to success.
God is the Great. God is the Great. There is no god but One God.

This is the english translation of the prayer call that you can hear before prayer in islamic faith. You can hear it every corner of the earth. From in the middle of the New York city to Berlin to Perth to Cape Town. It was established during Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and since then everyday it is sung five times a day.

Most probably it is the single most consistent and mostly sung praise of God in the world. Millions of mosques and every gathering of faithful muslims even at home or office space give this call for prayer (also called Azan or Adhan) before the prayer starts.

Even when people pray alone, it is recommended to give the call for prayer because it is said that the angels also gather behind the praying person all joining together submitting to God. (it reminds me the movie, City of Angels where it is shown beautifully that angels gather to listen to the universal singing of God's praise during the sunrise and sunset, i hope u hv seen that spectacular scene)

What is more beautiful of this call of prayer is the statement that 'there is no god but One God'. This is a call to unite the whole mankind. It is to tell everyone that your source is One and your destiny is One. Don't fight or divide on the Divine, because He is the One.

Call Him Tao, the Essence, Bhramma, call Him Jehova, call Him God or Allah, or call Him the Ultimate Buddha, it doesn't change the fact that He is One. Thus the mystics say, in His name Who has 'no name'.

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