Thursday, December 15, 2005

4 Sufi Haiku

Alone with The Alone
Take away everything and
Let me be alone with The Alone.

Veiling and unveiling
Veiling and unveiling of God
Is like inbreath and outbreath.

It happens all the time,
Yet we fail to realize.

Be still and know
The veils were lifeted
in my stillness.

And the identity of Him and mine
was made known.

Poverty of the Heart
I have nothing
and I want nothing.

Take away my existence
to merge in You as well.

(c) Sadiq M. Alam. MysticSaint
Dated : 13 Dec, 2005 ; 15 Oct, 2005 ; 15 Dec, 2005; 15 Dec, 2005.

:: Haiku is one of the most important mode of Japanese poem.
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