Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Video on Injustice (or Fragments of truth)

Dear friends, i discoverd this video while browsing the net. Generally i do not like to put political messages in my blog. But after watching the video i decided to put it on the blog because it may shed some light on the socio-political which again now woven into religious dimention of the world problems.

World media may not equally show all sides of the fact, but internet can. That is the extra ordinary power of internet. I hope the video gives you some of the background knowledge of some issues about which we often lack the solid information. Many of the issues about Palestine are tagged as religious (islamic), but it is not. It is more political and social than anything else.

Watch the video. No matter what is your religion or political view, pls watch it without any prior preoccupied ideology. May justice be victorious for the sake of humanity irrespective of race or religion or any difference whatsoever.
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