Friday, November 18, 2005

Sufi thoughts around the blogs

:: Anab Whitehouse writes, "Never has so much been given to so many with less gratitude and appreciation. Never has so much been owed by so many to just One." Its a post that reminds us in how much Divine Blessings we all live in everymoment. Very much worth reading.

:: Jeremy in his Gnostic Blog sums up a lot of valuable FAQ about Gnosticism.

:: Kevin in his blog talks about the attitude of mystics: Love or Worship. It deals with the idea of servanthood as seen by the ideology of love from Sufi perspective.

:: In the blog Anulios, Tarquin Rees mentions a beautiful poem of Hafiz.

:: Spiritual Tendencies is a very nice, well maintained Sufi Blog. It is by Shaik Abdul Khafid. Visit the blog for a lot of interesting articles, thoughts and more. It is full of wisdom.

:: The Traceles Warrior, Mushtaq Ali writes on How do you teach intent?.

:: Don quotes a very deep mystical quote in his blog, Conscious Living Journal.

:: Jhan puts a sufi tale on her blog, Moon Woven about the Tale of the Sands.

:: Velveteen Rabbi appreciates her study on Sufism. In the end she sees the oneness of teachings of Judaism and Islam, "Coming to this text as a Jew, I couldn't help drawing comparisons. Sharia is like our halakha; the shahadah, expression of God's oneness, is like our shema. And who could read "When I wake up from sleep, I see the whole world as God's Thou-ness" (written by Baha Walad, father of the Sufi poet Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi) without seeing resonance with Martin Buber's famous I-Thou formulation? "

Namaste writes about Hafiz and the love she felt.

:: Tempest writes a wonderful poem on the sorrow and grief of her heart.

:: Stamen writes in his travels to the islands of awareness the experience and teachings of the trees.

:: Metroblogging Lahore reports about a documentary on Sufism titled Sufi Soul: the Mystical Music of Pakistan.

:: Tushar quotes in his blog the experience on a visit to a Gurudwara, the Siekh place of worship. How God can be felt everywhere is nicely composed here. The post is titled, friends across faiths.

:: The organic brew is an interesting blog with sufi traces and news.

:: Adam posts which is titled, The most popular US poet is a Muslim. Interesting reading about none other than Rumi.

:: Kugan from Malaysia posts on the Sufi Music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. You can listen to the music in his site as well. Its cool.

:: In the blog titled, "But She's a girl..." the author reviews the program, Sufi Soul. Her observations are interesting.

:: Faizee in his blog, Islam and Sufism quotes a lot of inspiring quotations.
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