Thursday, November 17, 2005

Neoplatonic Love

What if i say to you, 'I love you and my love doesn't want anything in return.'

What if i tell you, 'I may have never seen you but still there is so much love for you
in my heart that goes beyond words.'

You must be very surprised!

Well, its easy and a known path for me
cause i loved Someone already, without seeing,
and only knowing almost nothing.
The Divine Love makes it so easy, my friend.

Don't be confused because i am not asking anything,
nor expecting anything in return.

My love for you only wants to remember you,
and in return you may or may not remember me.
Because in this path 'return' doesn't exist.

/ Sadiq M. Alam / 17 Nov, 2005 / Singapore / Image Courtesy.
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