Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Buddha Rising

Here are two beautiful presentation of Buddhism in west. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

:: Buddha Rising - from monastery into the living room.

Also check, Footsteps of Buddha in National Geography.

It is interesting in a sense that people are embracing Buddhism in a way which transcend religion. In more evolved wester societies people feel that Buddhism is something that can be accessed independent of religion. People are seeing Buddhism as something that a christian or a muslim or a jew all can embrace. This is wonderful isn't it.

It reminds me that we are starting to see things in a different light. We are starting to see the actual message inside, not the outer garments only. So we are beginning to learn that outer appearance doesn't matter. Its the Truth that is only real. I hope we can see the same attitude for all religions.

So i hope one day humanity will understand the beauty of mystic teachings of Jesus, not as a christian but as anyone from any religion ... the beauty of Quranic inspiration which are mind boggling and mystic ... the open for all messages of Kabbalah ... and we all can say they belong to the whole, not to any sect or group.

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