Sunday, November 06, 2005

11 Qualities

The 11 Qualities of a Dog which if one maintains, one becomes an Awliya (a friend of God, gaining insight of the Real) originally a teaching passed down from Ghaus e Azaam (may God bless him).

1. Not forgetting goodness:

2. They don't forget those who have done goodness to them.

3. They are patient and always grateful for everything that they are given.

4. They are not angry with their master, even if they are beaten and sent away.

5. If their owner calls, they return with their tails wagging.

6. They are humble; obedient; truthful; trustworthy, good friends; loyal,

7. Always remaining with their owners and never turning traitor.

8. They are satisfied with small things; they are `zahid', not looking to anything from this dunya.

9. They have nothing from this world, they have no place for themselves.

10. They may sleep anywhere, and if someone throws stones at them, they quickly get up and go somewhere else.

11. They are very light sleepers, they don't sleep too much, and quickly awaken.

If a person have these attributes, he or she enters into the rank of a Wali by God's permission. Those 11 attributes belong to Saints, who are loyal to their Master!! May God help us cultivate and retain these 11 qualities.

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