Friday, October 14, 2005

Thoughts on path

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In one of the previous post, titled: 'Becoming the path', Kathy Trejo said..."I wonder what Buddha would say about getting sidetracked when you are on a path? i find myself sometimes not staying on the main path...and going where the path is not."

Its not fair to answer on behalf of Buddha. Where can we find such an enlightened mind again?

But no harm sharing my view. So here is my thought:: In the evolution of spirituality, first we should discipline ourselves by staying on the path. If at that stage we get sidetracked (and be assured that we all are sidetracked very often), we should be mindful and comeback. The main problem is not getting side tracked but being conscious and mindful of that fact. How to become mindful is a very central theme of Buddha's teaching.

Secondly when our spiritual evolution is high enough, we can become the path (perhaps because then we know the path well !). And then you can truly travel the paht. May be that is what is signified in this quote from Buddha when he says, "You can not travel the path until you have become the path itself".

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