Saturday, October 08, 2005

Seeking the lamp of Gnosis

Gnosis or marifa is the perception of something as it is in its essence and attributes. It is the soul of everything, the deeper wisdom and knowledge of the spiritual path. When a servant seeks the lamp of gnosis, he must have 7 things.
  1. Effort: 'As for those who strive in Us, We surely guide them to Our paths...' [29:69],
  2. Humility: 'Call upon your Lord humbly...' [7:55].
  3. Burning and purifying the soul: God Most High has said, '...and restrained his soul from passion' [79:40].
  4. Turning to God repentantly: 'Turn often in repentance unto your Lord...' [39:54].
  5. Patience: '...But be patient! Verily God is with the patient' [8:46].
  6. Gratitude: '...and be grateful for the blessings of your Lord...' [16:114].
  7. Contentedness with the decrees of God: Who has said, 'Bear calmly the judgment of thy Lord' [68:48].
:: Ref: From the beautiful, enlightening blog of my friend Shaik Abdul Khafid { }
:: The verses are from the Final Testament, The Quran.

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