Thursday, October 06, 2005

Prayer for Ramadan

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful
O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad

My God,
the beggars are standing at Your door,
the needy have taken refuge with Your Honor.
the ship carrying the poor and humble people,
is standing at the shores of the sea ,
of Your generosity and grace,
hoping for permission to cross ,
to the shores of Your mercy and blessings.

My God, if You do not forgive,
in this honored month,
except the one who has sincerely purified himself for You,
in his fasting and prayers,
then who is there for the negligent sinner,
when he drowns in the sea of his sins?

My God, if You do not have mercy on any,
except the obedient,
then who is there for the disobedient?
And if You do not accept from any,
except the performers of (good) actions,
then who is there for those who fall short?

My God, those who fast have profited,
those who stay up in prayer have won,
and those who are sincere have succeeded,
but we are Your sinful servants!
So be kind to us through Your mercy
and save us from the fire through Your forgiveness, O Gracious, O most Merciful.

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family, the purified ones. Amen.

Prayer during Ramadan: Salatul Tarawih

This prayer is between eight and twenty rakats (four to ten prayers of two rakats each) and is offered in the presence of others. The following prayer is recited after finishing every four rakats of the Tarawih prayers during Ramadan:

Subhana zil-mulki wal-malakut
Subha-nal malikil hayyil lazi la yanamu wa la yamut.
Subbu-hun quddu sun rabbu-na
wa rubbul mala'ikati war-ruh.

Allahumma ajirna minan nar.

Ya Mujiru, ya Mujiru, ya Mujiru.

Free from all imperfections is the Real King Who is
Ever Living, Who neither sleeps nor dies.

For Him is Purity and Holiness (He is) our Lord and the
Lord of the angels and Gabriel.

O Allah protect us from the fire.

O Protector! O Protector! O Protector!

Dua at the time of breaking fast (iftar)

Once Moosa (AS) asked Allah Ta'ala: O Allah! You have granted me the honor and privilege of talking to you directly, Have you given this privilege to any other person? Allah Ta'ala replied, O!! Moosa during the last period I am going to send an ummat, who will be the Ummat of Mohammed (SAW) with dry lips, parched tongues, emaciated body with eyes sunken deep into their sockets, with livers dry and stomachs suffering the pangs of hunger - will call out to me (in dua) they will be much closer to me than you O Moosa! while you speak to me there are 70000 veils between you and me but at the time of iftaar there will not be a single veil between me and the fasting Ummati of Mohammed (SAW) O!! Moosa I have taken upon myself the responsibility that at the time of iftaar I will never refuse the dua of a fasting person!

Sub'hanallah! !
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