Sunday, October 02, 2005

Power of Chanting

The tradition of chanting or repeating of Name of Divinity has its special place in all the religions. For example, in Buddhism, specially the Tibbetan tradition put a lot of emphasis on chanting. Similarly in Sufi (Mystic) Tradition. It is said that the heart opens up with constant rememberance of the Divine. Its called Zikr in arabic term, meaning to remember. When we repeat the Divine Names, slowly but surely we get near to that qualities and we become like God. And it is something for which are are made, because God created Adam in His likeness or in His image.

Here is a beautiful chanting audio of 99 qualities of God. These qualities or attributes were taught by the Last Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Click here to listen. It is very good for Meditation as well.

Now one can say, whats the point or benefit on chanting or repeating the Names of Divinity? On this issue, here is a wonderful post from Anab's blog. Its titled, What's in a word? (From Mystical Horizons) and it ends like this:

“Now, if the saying of a few words, which are either false, or not based on true knowledge, can alter your condition in such a dramatic fashion, don’t you think it is possible that repeating the Name of Divinity can alter your spiritual condition just as dramatically, if not more so?”


(you will need real player)

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