Saturday, October 08, 2005

People are like stars

Look at the sky !

Some stars are there every night

and lighten the sky.

Some are seen just six months a year,

so we don't see them the other six months.

Some are like Hally, a comet, emerging only once in 75 years,

stay in the sky for one or two months

and then disappear for another 75 years.

If we are lucky enough to live long, we may see it one more time.

I believe people are like stars

some remain in our heart for ever,

we remember them everyday, and whenever we missed them,

only have to wait for them for a few hours to appear

and star the sky of our hearts.

But some are like comets, come too late,

stay in the heart too short, and leave too soon,

and when they go, won't be back for a long time.

We may only see them again one day

in the street or while traveling by chance.

But among all these various planets and stars,

I think of the moon and the Earth the most.

The moon is revolving around our planet every second. How loyal !

When it comes near the Earth, all waters come up and

when it goes farther they return to their first position.

These two planets remind me of friends

who remembers one another all the time.

Their love for each other may grow a bit cold, but it neverfinishes.

Now, let's look at the sky of our own heart!

How many stars are shining there?

I just hope they are not comets! "

az ketabe ghofteghoo ba setareyeh Haaly,

from the book " Conversation with Haaly Star"

Translation: Maryam Zargarzadeh


Thanks Maryam for this beautiful poem and at the same time sharing it with me. You are a genius. Keep showing your brilliance!
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