Sunday, October 16, 2005

On Spiritual Responsibility

For the last few days or so i'm continuously listening to talks given by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. They have magnetic effect on me somehow. Today while listening another talk, titled: Spiritual Responsibility, i found something very beautiful. So decided to write it down from the audio and share with you ... This is L. Vaughan-Lee speaks,

"I remember years ago being in Seattle airport, in waiting lounge between airplanes. People were reading newspapers, talking on their cell phones, and eating sandwiches. For a moment the veils were lifted for me and I saw this waiting room of people, and I saw each human being is filled with God.

And I saw that the miracle was not that they were full of God, this divine substance, like liquid gold – the way i saw it. Like they were full from tow to right up. I saw that was not the miracle. The extra-ordinary thing is that they didn’t know it. That was totally bewildering, totally baffling, that these extra ordinary beautiful luminous beings full of liquid gold of divine substance didn’t know that they were like that!!

They were talking on their cell phones, arguing with their wives, making appointments, reading the newspaper. It was bizarre!

When one enters the spiritual path, you take upon yourself the responsibility to become aware of that what you are. And then you have to incarnate it in all of the conflicts of daily lives. And practices of the path help you to do that."

Here is the talk. You can save it by right clicking and choose Save Target As...

The talk is recorded at Spiritual Responsibility at a Time of Global Crisis Conference, National Cathedral School, Washington, DC

:: For more of his beautiful talks, pls go here:

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