Saturday, October 01, 2005

Life is a Celebration of Joy

There has been blissful response to the post Reflection on Life. I have prevented myself from posting anything else so that the questions remain the lead post. For last few days i was enjoying various thoughts from you on life and its meanings. Now I would like to continue my thoughts on the same line.

What is life?
- Yes truely, i don’t know the correct answer. Only He Who gives and takes away life, knows its true secret !

My realization is that, it’s a gift to experience this world and beyond. There is an opening line of a song of Tagore which goes like, "Jogoter anondo jogge amar nimontrono" meanings, "My invitation to the celebration of Joy in the world."

Life is like, we are given our existence with our body and soul to experience the Joy of this world. Yes you may say, there are sorrows and pain. But if you think carefully, that contrast is just to make the experience of Joy meaningful and existing. Without dark will there be anything we can identify as Light? The simile goes like that.

Life is collection of experiences, realization, where God has invited us to celebrate the joy of Life. So, come and celebrate our life! Take a deep breath and feel it. Thanks for all your beautiful thoughts.

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