Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"The first thing created by God was the Intellect" - Prophet's saying

Here is a wonderful article by Irshaad Hussain in the blog, Islam from Inside. Its titled, 'Intellect in Islam'.

Some excerpts from this article- "The human intellect is a microcosmic reflection of the universal intellect. When man attains to proper use of his own intellect he is able to move from the level of his own individual intellect to swim in the ocean of the universal (macrocosmic) intellect. "

"In Islam "...logic is an aspect of truth and Truth (Al-Haqq) is a name of God." (Nasr, Living Sufism). The use of logic is like the use of a rung in a ladder - properly used it can help man move upward along the vertical axis of his being. Reason is an innate ability within man which encompasses logic and which can propel him rapidly upwards along the vertical dimension. But in order to do this reason must be free of the taint of man's animal, material propensities. Otherwise reason can be subverted to provide suprious justification for man to attain his desires in whatever realm his desires may fall. Reason and correct knowledge must go hand in hand. "

To read the complete article, click here.
:: The Concept of Intellect in Islam by Irshaad Hussain (first published March 1993)
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