Monday, September 12, 2005

What is Worth ?

A spiritual master, Ibn al-Masak went to the caliph (the ruler king), who at the time was drinking a cup of water.

The caliph requested al-Masak to instruct him. Al-Masak said, " If you were dying of thirst and a cup of water was offered to you in exchange for your kingdom, you would gladly accept the bargain, wouldn't you?" The caliph agreed.

"Then why are you proud of a kingdom that is not worth more than a drink of water, and why aren't you grateful to the Lord for having supplied you with so much water for free?" - Al-Ghazzali

I found this beautiful story in Habibee's Blog. It sparked the thought that how strangely the worthiness of a thing changes according to situations. I just wonder at time how one thing, which we hold so dear to us, become worthless. And at those moments we realize the illusions of this world which covers us.

Love of Money, Career, Love for woman all often engross us and make us feel they are too worthy, too precious. May we see the Reality and transcend beyond the false illusion. Amen.

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