Sunday, September 18, 2005

Religion and Religious Experience

The debate about religion will perhaps never end. There will always be people who will oppose it as there will be those who will support it. The world is thus divided into two opposite camps - and perhaps there is no other issue over which opinion is so sharply divided.

Religion represent a human trait which is as old as the species itself. The debate about religion continues becaues it talks about things not susceptible to objective tests. For instance, God, Soul and Heaven.

But the point is not exactly that. Religion justifies iteself by the results it produces. it may not be able to explain God, Soul or Heaven but it certain can change a sinner into a saint.

But how does it do so? Through the urge for progress that is innate in man. Religion will carry him further till he reaches a state where he feels he has no further to go. It is an impatience, restless, that is never to be satisfied short of the hightest and the best.

Excerpts from Practical Spirituality by Swami Lokeswarananda.

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