Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Divine Romance (2) :: Your Body, the Holy Temple

The human body is a temple. The soul is the Deity in the temple. Both co-exist. It is extremely important for us to honor this temple. It is where God lives. How can we treat the body any less than we treat God? God communicates with our soul through the body. We are in constant union with the Cosmos through the body. Our 5 senses help us experience the union with God. We all love to visualize a beautiful God.

What is stopping us from visualizing ourselves as God? We all love to decorate our altar. What is stopping us from decorating the temple? God loves to be admired for Her beauty. Remember that She also loves to admire the beauty of Her children. Feel beautiful. You will look twice as beautiful !

The body holds the seed for pro-creation. The body has the power to make love, to make a new life and to give birth. Use the body to take you closer to God. Invoke God in you by namaz, by prayer, by meditating, by Rei-ki, by Yoga, by Tai chi, by Pooja, by Tantra… whatever makes you feel good at heart. God exists in you… and in everybody around you. Indeed He encompasses everything !!

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