Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Divine Romance (1)

Our life defines it! Yet we long for it, we think about it, we try to visualize it and we philosophize about it. We all have it in us to be one with God. We fail to notice it because we are so blinded by the matrix. We think that it is too high a goal for us and take comfort in what we are familiar with. If only we opened our eyes and see beyond… If only we open our mind and tune into the Divine energy which envelopes us wherever we are… If only we ask questions, God is waiting to give all answers we could possible handle !

Perhaps you have noticed that romance become strong when the beloved is away from you. It is similar that God is hidden and mysterious, yet He is present in all things. He often manifest in our wonderful thoughts and feelings, yet He vanishes and we lament for the separation. It is because God is the most romantic (most suitable for Love). Our soul often feel the pain of separation from Him. It is the Divine Romance between God and Creation that He is the Hidden and yet, the Manifest.
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