Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dedicated to all my Atheist friends of the world

If you are a rebel and confused about God,
Then please take my advice, and stop thinking about God.
Better start thinking about yourself, my friend.
And the same applies to me,
Cause I still don’t know much,
Do you?

I’m as confused as your are, my friend
So please excuse me for my babbling.

Without knowing ourselves,
How can we know ‘Something’
From which we all are derived?

If you are an ‘Atheist’, then
Please accept my congratulations, and
Stop arguing about God.

Perhaps for your being atheist
is the first step- In realizing the Truth.
God will never come into your proof,
No matter how hard you try,
Cause He is beyond your limited, rational proofs.

And He will always be above all those proofs.

Better start argue about
your own existence.
Be self conscious, then
the higher consciousness will follow.

By knowing our own selves,
Surely we will be able to see
the glimpse of that ever sought Light.
I wish for you my friend,
that you be among them
who have been successful in
experiencing the glimpses of that Light.

I wish you to be the Buddha,
Enlightened and Enlightening.
Whose self-consciousness merges
into Sunnyata, the Ultimate emptiness of the Cosmos.

8/14/2005 2:08 PM / Singapore / Sadiq M. Alam

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