Thursday, September 22, 2005

Conversation on Religion and No-Religion

This is a correspondence with a spiritual friend of mine. He is very spiritual and religious but yet he often says, "I believe in no religion."

In response to his ‘no-religion’ statement i wrote, "Just as universities are need as an infrastructure for research and higher studies relig ion is needed for practicing God consciousness and Spirituality.

Religion is nothing but a system with a purpose. If we cancel all universities and ask scholars do study on their own do u think that would be better? I guess we need a balance between religion and no-religion. My understanding is that, it doesn't help to put blame or down play religion."

Now he answers very beautifully, "Yes My Dear, But if we come to University and only obey university instructions will we become scientist? You know universities have ranking. some of them are very low rank. Universities are only an environment to make us engineer (i.e.) not scientist. from any book they teach 2-3 chapters because they are enough for engineer. Understanding the Soul of the Science is not the aim.

Yeah maybe MIT is good. But not true about every university. What I mean?

Look, religions have ranking. Some believe that Islam is MIT. Others may believe that Christianity is MIT and etc. I am trying to say my friends not to speak so much about ranking of University and etc. and instead of wasting their time try to understand the Soul of Science, which can obtain it even in a very ordinary university. Yeah any how the student in an average university should try more than that in MIT (two similar students) but I am sure that at end both will reach the destination, because Soul of Science needs only MIND and good scholars and environments are needed only for few elementary steps. Then everything depend on students.

So today students don’t need much ‘university’ but MIND. "

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