Thursday, September 15, 2005

Beauty of Creation

Another son of Adam is in the process of coming to this earth.

Think about this son of Adam. God has given him God’s own Holy Spirit. He has given the soul a body. God has created, fashioned and designed the whole process of the child’s coming to earth in such a beautiful and mystical manner. He created the child's soul out of no existence.

With His unlimited grace and mercy God has created unparalleled love in the heart of the child’s parents who will subsequently do a lot of sacrifice in the coming days. The child will have a body which is absolutely miraculous piece of heavenly technology.

The mind is even more astonishing. Each individual mind of billion billion people on earth is unique. Just think what a miracle it is that no two minds of two people on earth thinks the same thing at the same time. They all have their own flow of thoughts at all time.

After the child grows up, when his or her parents are no longer there; again God designs a mechanism by which another person will come in the life and will be the comforter as Eve for this Adam. In the whole lifecycle of our life there are so many things which makes us wonder how beautiful is the design !!

Soli Deo gloria (to God alone the glory).
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