Sunday, August 28, 2005

Symptoms of Inner Peace

• You tend to think and act spontaneously, not based on fear or experiences from the past
• You are able to enjoy each and every minute
• You lost the urge to have a judgment about others
• You don’t need it anymore to interpret all the others do
• You don’t want to have arguments anymore
• A growing ability not to worry anymore (that is a serious sign)
• Growing experience of gratitude and love and being connected with everything
• You have to laugh a lot
• You tend more and more to let the things happen that are necessary and not to force things to make them happen by yourself
• You open up more to the love people radiate towards you and you in return have the growing urge to radiate love too

These are the Symptoms of PEACE OF THE SOUL.

If you still haven’t found peace, then try to cultivate the above attitudes in your heart. God willing, peace will follow. Credit.
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