Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Physics and Philosophy

Yesterday i was with a friend, David. We were talking about many things. He is kinda philosophical guy, one of those who is a born philosopher. I have my inclination to philosophy as well. We had something interesting in our discussion which made me ponder later on. Thus i decided to post something about it.

When we were talking about philosophy, life etc. he commented something like this: You know at this age, those who are seeking the truth should study physics and mathematics. Physics and Mathematics should be the language of today's philosopher. That is because by studying the details of nature you can appreciate the nature, and life and the cosmos. And study of nature and life is the goal of philosophy.

I agreed. That is why people like Steven Hawking's writing is so popular. He explained the hardcore physics with an eye of a philosopher. He said he wants to know about the cosmos, the time, about big bang because he wants to know the mind of God. Michio Kaku is another nice example of modern physicist who talks in terms of philosophy. Kaku is now inquest to discover the Theory of Everything.

I really loved the idea and i hope it will help me decide on which field i want to focus in future. I always had a fascination with astrophysics. I see it as a great way to appreciate the Greatness of the Creator.

On another occasion David commented, "You lose a lot when you are philosophical or take things of life in a philosophical way, but at the same time you gain a lot". I think this is a great comment!

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