Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Order of Nazorean Essenes

A very wonderful website... explorer yourself for fascinating information on Early Christianity, Mystic Christian Messages, Jesus Christ himself and others. Thanks to Mark for the beautiful website's link in his blog.

It is remarkable that in the Final Testament, the Christians are referred as Nasaraean, or Nassara. And interesting enough the Christianity of today is very much deviated from the Gnostic, Mystic teaching of Isa or Yeshu (peace be upon him). From this website I get a feeling that the order of Nasaraean very much still holding the truth more in its purer form than other sects of Christianity. I agree, I have to do much research on this topic before i can come to such conclusion. Still i'm looking into their messages.

So far what i have read, they are truly fascinating. Read this link for more hints of what i mean. You should be able to find some historical facts about modern day Bible that exist. Another good reading from this site.
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