Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is this a game?

One of my friend commented something lovely. Its quite a thought !! I loved it... so i'm just posting it here for you...


It is the fact that all great findings originated from some where inside us. For example you see all efforts and developments that took place with in the area of physics did actually originate about the idea the one unique invariant general law is rolling the world and thus we keep on digging to find out more and more details out of that one unique rolling law! So where did we get the idea of that unity and unification!

Is it right that we did believe in the fact before we started benefiting from it? Philosophically I think no one would be able to prove the existence of god. If it happens then what you have proved is not going to be a so called god since it has been proved and thus it has turned into a subject of proof. The most important most widely understood idea about "god" among all human beings is that no matter it exists or not, it is not some thing provable. The unique thing about all those who do really believe in god, meanwhile, is the fact that they feel it inside and it is a very personal (and in fact possibly very confidential and holly) thing. You can not find or see or prove that there is a god but you can feel it by your self depending on your personal characteristics.

And every body would agree that feeling are always true by themselves and never provable. You touch some thing and you feel it is hot, there is no ideology or logic to prove that you are right or wrong in that because that is just your feeling. At the same time I believe, people (man kind) are doing there best to discover the so called god. Even there might be many of us who are participating in this event while we are not so much aware of what indeed we are engaged with. This is why, in my opinion, so much effort is being given to answering questions like "the total mass of universe", "metric bounds of universe", "origin of world", "big bang" and etc.

We are trying our best to approach the infinite bounds of every thing and I think behind all that we are seeking to find an answer for the question of "does god exist". This is why we are doing our best in achieving the "biggest", the "smallest", the "fastest", the "strongest", the "weakest" and ... .

It's because we just feel that behind those outmost extremes there is some thing waiting for us! Some thing that we would possibly never approach but we would keep moving towards for ever. This is the meaning of infinity as it fits in our minds.

Who knows how capable we are?

Is this a game between us the “god”?

So many fundamental questions …

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