Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Both sides of Inner Peace

The post titled, Symptoms of Inner Peace, sparked a little discussion in the comment section.

One visitor commented,
"Experiencing this form of 'Inner Peace' in a society fraught with contradictions and evils turns this into plain and simple 'Apathy'. My soul is a part of a whole consisting of all souls. Till all are at peace and engage in undifferentiated mutual Love, 'Inner Peace' is an affront to the idea of Peace and Love itself. Thus, my soul will not engage in this self-indulgent experience of 'Inner Peace'. Thus, my soul will be at War till the above is realised. Then, Peace. Spirituality, on its own, is a socially approved drug as it enables all to peacefully kill each other in a myriad of dimensions every second of the day."

Another comment, "..Peace is an inner state of mind, not a thing you can rationalize about. Only when every preson has an experience of this state of mind will there ever be peace on Earth. The great religions of the world show us pathways to take towards obtaining this experience."

Finally, another visitor posts, "I can see both these points of view...On the one hand, it is possible to get so engaged in developing oneself, and whatever spiritual qualities one desires, that one forgets about others. This type of person will go off and sit under a waterfall somewhere contemplating peace while all around him people are suffering and hurting one another, and the best you can say for him is that he's not actually hurting anyone.

On the other hand, I believe that the better person I can make myself, the more I can help others. If I'm not at peace with myself, my internal conflicts inevitably spill over into my relations with others, and anything I try to accomplish will be reduced in effect, perhaps seriously compromised."Inner peace" doesn't mean that I think everything is OK with the world.

The Sufi way is the way of service. I want to work to make the world a better place, but I have to start by cleaning my own house

Thanks all for your valuable insights. This helped me to go deep into the conditions. It is a good demonstration that when we think collectively, things get clearer with each threads of our thoughts. Soli Deo gloria (to God alone the glory).

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