Saturday, July 16, 2005

Why God created Evil (or Devil) ?

Kathy posted a comment,
"And GOD will save those who have maintained righteousness; He will reward them. No harm will touch them, nor will they have any grief. GOD is the Creator of all things, and He is in full control of all things. To Him belongs all decisions in the heavens and the earth, and those who disbelieve in GOD's revelations are the real losers." {Quoting from Quran}

i have a question. If God created all things...then why did he create the Devil? or did he create the devil? is there a devil? or is it in the heart...our good/bad a heart thing. i get confused.

Dear Kathy, let me answer it with my own understanding. It may not necessarily be in line with Islam or Judio-Christian philosophy. I will explain using Old, New and Final Testament in some other post, God willing. The fact is, I'm not a priest nor an expert, i'm simply a servant of God. Pls don't mind if my answer is not enough.

If we look at the system of creation, the very structure of how world works, then we might get an answer. Take hunger for example. Do u think, would this world work without the need for food, or had we not felt any hunger? Think deep, we need for food, so we earn money, and in order to earn money ppl are doing all sorts of things. And to earn money or rather can say for career, ppls r going for eduction. So they r learning and human society is advancing. So the system is working.

Now God wanted to be known, so He created the Creation. God wanted to Love, so He created Creation. Now in order for that creation, which is our cosmos and universe and planet earth, God created a system (call it by laws of nature, call it by mechnism).

That was physical system. Now for morality, there needs a similar system. In order to realize what is good u need what is bad, right? In order to realize darkness, u need absence of Light (therefore Light in the first place). There is no cold in science, rather it is absence of heat. So, from my limited understanding, evil or devil or wrong came into existence the moment mankind realizes everything good and right. Think this, if there is no evil, can u realize the very concept of good? The word 'good' has no value then, right?

May be the very character 'Devil' is symbolic. Perhaps it was required to let ppl of limited understanding to understand more easily. As u know, human brain always requires names, forms to understand things or ideas. And thus devil could be a metaphor. A metaphor for evil (which is the absence of God's grace).

In Mytic Islamic idea, there is no evil. It is an illusion which is necessary for this world to work. Our self ego is such an illusion which is needed but nevertheless it is a veil that separates us from God. If you have nothing in you but Love (be it for urs, ur neighbor or God), then you will not see any evil, u can readily forgive anything. Just as to a person who loves truly his or her lover, can see only good and nothing bad, its like that.

So to be very specific, the system of creation (and also human mind) needs an opposing idea for understanding. If everybody is same, doing absolutely the same thing (say, obeying every commands of God) then do u think the world would work? (and even though God wants ppl to obey, He gifted mankind the precious freedom.. and that freedom was also needed for the system to work) It is the very idea of evil that makes clear into our mind, what is good. So we can choose. So we can be in the straight path.

May God forgive me for my mistakes. May God bless you with His unlimited Blessings, so that your heart opens up to the Truth. Verily there is no power and might except God. { If you any other question, pls do ask, I will be more than happy to ponder }

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