Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Share your THOUGHTS please!

Beloved friends,
One of my friend, Inquisitor made a beautiful, well thought comment on the blog. It has deep message in it and needs better realization. I'm afraid i'm short of that deeper understanding required here. So pls help me move this discussion. This is what the original comment is,

In brief, i believe that Hinduism, excluding its brahminical and self-aggrandising exclusivity, contributed the idea of 'good' and 'evil' along with the idea of the Brahman or the all-encompassing and incomprehensible, in its entirety, God'. Buddhism focused on divorcing oneself from temptations and appreciating the intrinsic value of things in themselves. Christianity emphasised selfless love. Islam completed the story by realising these ideals in society via the marriage of state and mosque as the politicisation of religion is the only way to its realisation since humanity, due to his societal condition, is necessarily a political being. Religion is supposed to moralise. The state is supposed to practically realise. I view this as a formula handed down and which has to be practiced in the stated order which coincides with its appearance in human history. Whilst Islam contains many other elements, the marriage of state and mosque is that which makes it distinct from the 'other' faiths.Now we have to attempt implementation. That is the difficult and most interesting part.

But we have yet to understand and appreciate the significance of the messages in these faiths and this has to be done dynamically with our attempt to realise God's kingdom on earth. I have yet to achieve the wisdom necessary to suggest how this may be effected and doubt i ever will. It has to be a concerted effort.

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