Thursday, July 21, 2005

Replying Arnab

One of my friend, Arnab commented in the blog. This is a reply to his comment. I'm posting it outside the comment section because I wanted to share with others. Anybody's comment is welcome here.

Beloved Arnab, I quote from your comment: "I find all religions provide us with similar and unique teachings and if we can gather all religions together and learn from each other, the world could have been a much better place. "

I can't agree more with you. You said it... and I love your thoughts. I also believe that all religious philosophy in the deep, echoes the same message. As you can see, whether with purpose or without any purpose we are merging into a globla community. and thus we r learning from each other more.

With more day passing this will increase. We will eventually learn more from other religions. May be thats the best thing we gained from 9/11, all the terrorist bombing and all the wrong labeling of 'islam' in all those incidents. What happened in the end? ppl r getting more curious about this so called 'fanatic, extrimist's religion'. so they r trying to learn. You will find more copies of Quran in Usa now than any other time in the history.

All the problem of communical hatred and everything comes from our ignorance (aviddya , if i may use the word of Gita) and egoistic behavior. We simply don't realize the beauty of Vedanta, we simply forget the teaching of Muhammad. We simply put the photo of Sri Ramakrishna in our house, but ignore his universal teaching of love, his teaching - 'all path leads to the same goal'. We simply say 'peace be upon Muhammad' hundred times a day but ignore his teaching of forgiveness at the highest point, ignore his teachings of peace. We know 'God is Love' but don't feel ashamed when fail to apply it.

Shame on us !! I'm nobody... just a lonely voice who at times get frustrated with the sad happenning in the world but never the less want to say in Jesus's word, 'Love thy neighbor' and want to revoice the message of Divine Love.
Arnab, u also said, "I believe Islam is not just for Muslims but for all humanity. It's not a property of Muslims. Therefore, fundamentalism and terrorism against humanity by the name of Islam is really contrary to its essence."

What a beautiful thought! Praise be to Divine Mother !! Let me join with you, Vedanta is for the whole world to learn and share ... Jesus is for the whole world ... Islam is for all humanity. Who says they belong to Hindus, Christians and Muslims. Who are Hindu, Christian and Muslims? Aren't they all beloved children of God? Then for God's sake why we divide us??

About my identity. No, I'm definintely not someone from Ahmadiyya (but i would love to know about their philosophy more...), and I'm also not from them who cry loud, 'Label Ahmadiyya Non-Muslim'. I'm just a weak servant of God. And I don't feel shame to call myself Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim at the same time. (confused? u can read this post of mine for a clarification). I'm just a below average human being who is too emotional, too poor. So, pls keep me in your wishes and prayers.

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