Saturday, July 23, 2005

Food for Thought

2 verses from the Final Testament to Ponder::
4. The People of the Scripture did not begin disputes among themselves until after proof had been shown them.*

5. All that was asked of them was simple: to adore with a pure heart the God of Truth, to draw near to Him in sincere prayer, and to serve fellow creatures in charity and care. To do all else is a fall from grace. (Quran: Chapter 98 – The Clear Proof)

* People of the Scripture is a term to mention Jews and Christians. Jesus Christ Himself is the clear proof for the Jews, yet they rejected him. Muhammad is the clear proof for all mankind including Jews and Christians. But, following the same book, Old Testament, Jews and Christians began dispute and both deviated from the true path.

Jews totally rejected and denounced the Messiah, whereas Christian mistakenly took Messiah as God. See John 20: 17 where Jesus says, I’m returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God. Jesus never claimed to be God, mostly he used the title, ‘Son of Man’ as well as ‘Son of God’ - which applies to every person from Adam…but later to compromise with Pagan Roman religion, divinity was applied to Christ which is a direct contradiction of divine teachings of all ages.

Thus, Islam finally teaches that one should neither be excessive in hatred like the Jews, who denounced a prophet of God, nor excessive in love like the Christians who took a prophet as God. And one should keep to the middle path, the right course in deeds.

In the next verse (5) it is reminded what was the exact commandment to mankind and it is boldly stated what is grace of God. Peace and blessings of God be be with Jesus and Muhammad.

, , . // Quranic Translation Reference. // Image: Biblical Scripture Painting.
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