Thursday, June 30, 2005


This is for all my beloved friends who have expressed their differences in opinion. I want to express my appreciations for their opinion and i never felt least offended.

There is a quote from Inayat Khan worth mentioning, "How uninteresting the world would be if all men were perfect (thinking in the same manner, doing the same thing everytime : i add) it would be like a piano in which all the tones were the same."

On that note, I believe it is God's purpose and part of the grand plan to allow poeple to seek Him in different manners in different paths. It is the precious freedom that He gave to human intellect.

If you have strong conviction about your faith, thats good. God knows your heart and I pray certainly He will give you the reward for that. If you fail to capture the universality of religious philosophy, its perfectly ok. There is no absolute time in this world (all Absolute and Perfection belongs to One and Only God ! glory unto Him !!), yet all people trying to claim that their watch has the most accurate time. It is something like that. If you feel your watch is accurate, go ahead.. do your work by following your watch. That is another way to attain harmony.
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