Sunday, June 26, 2005

Reading now

Few days back I went to the dhaka Ramakrishna Mission. My intention was to buy the Gospel of Swami Ramakirshna (Katha-amrita). I'm lucky that I found that book as well as some other beautiful books such as Selected works of Sri Vivekananda, Swami Ramakrishna, Life of Vivekananda, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Vedantic Philosophy etc.

Right now I'm reading few of those books at the same time. I'm deeply impressed with Vedantic Philosophy. To me it is very rich in spirituality and very helpful in understanding the idea of God as Supreme Soul who is manifested in His creation.

I feel that if some one reads Sufi Literature (say for example philosophy of Sufi Inayat Khan or Rumi) and Vendantic literature like Upanishad, those by Vivekananda, he can easily understand that how the Reality underneath both are same. It is really enlightening. But with caution its worth mentioning that, it is dangerous to discuss with the matter straight to another person. It may be hard for other to appreciate and understand the fact so easily that all religion and philosophy try to reach the same goal.

Like wise to many good muslims it is hard to appreciate hindu philosophy and wisdom. I think it is partly because ot the way Islam and Religion is taught from childhood. The litertures and attitude of Islam has been very rigid which lacks the room to appreciate other religion which depresses me. And it seems that this tendency has gripped most of the space of muslims mind. It was the sufi who held this universality of religions from very long time, but that feelings of harmony is lacking to many with whom i have exchanged my views. Pin It Now!