Sunday, June 19, 2005

On Books, requested by Rizwan

One of the blog visitor, friend Rizwan ( wanted to know something about books.

Here are the answers,

-No. of books that you own?
I don't know the exact number. An approximation may be around, 1200 +/-.

-Last book you bought?
Upanishad (in bangla, complete)

-Five books that mean a lot to you?
Really hard to tell:: Quran, Sophie's World, The Da Vinci Code, Ignited Mind (i'm sure i missed something very important, if i remember i will comeback and add, excuse me for my bad memory)

-Last book(s) you've read?
'A Sufi Master Answers' by Dr. Elisabeth Keesing (still reading, 18 June, 05)

Rizwan's blog is: Pin It Now!