Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Learning from the Atheist

My Friend Mark sent me a beautiful blog link, an Pinoy Atheist. Thanks Mark for that.

I love to read Atheist ideas and when I know someone who is conscious Atheist, I love to hear from him as much as I would love to hear from a true Saint. I come from a society, where where u will not find atheist easily but u will find blind believers a lot.

When i was browsing that blog, i was thinking that, there is a lot of things one can learn from Atheist philosophy. An atheist deny to believe blindly, and that is a good starting lesson. You don't and shouldn't believe blindly. In Islam, the term Iman is not blind faith as one might think, it is "reasoned faith" or "conviction". In Islam, the last religion doesn't want people to believe blindly, rather wanted human being to question and seek the truth. In Quran one can find a lot of verses concerning the creation and asking man to ponder and meditate.

I believe on earth religion went through evolution and as human intellect progressed, so did the religion. That is why the last religion Islam fits a modern mind so well. The old ideas of blind faith is replaced with reasoned faith and conviction.

There are a lot of way to seek Truth and God, and to love creation is another way (because God is present in His creation as well). Forget God (how limited is our idea of dogmatic god, we can never comprehend His Greatness), love only the creation can also give you salvation, lead one to freedom.

An atheist don't believe in God, but they have humanism, love for mankind. A believer with full of hatred for another man or nation is surely not better than a non-believer with Love in his heart. I'm sure God loves the later one altought that person doesn't know the beauty of God. God doesn't need prayer or offerings.

Buddha is a wondeful example how one can leave conventional God idea aside and at the same time arrive at Truth (Liberation, Freedom, Nirvana) successfully by looking inside, knowing oneself (which is the part of the Supreme Being, the Eternal Soul) in the heart and be a nice person on earth.

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