Monday, May 28, 2007

Sufi Poetry Carnival | Serving Love of the Beloved

Sufi Poetry CarnivalIn Sacred Remembrance of Divine Sadiq Alam and Tiel Aisha Ansari presenting the first ever Sufi Poetry Carnival in the cyber-space. We are grateful to be able to share and to serve Love, in sweet remebrance of the Beloved.

God hath treasures beneath the Throne, the keys whereof are the tongues of poets - Saying of the Prophet, may indescribable peace be upon him

As a classical rule, Sufi Poetry has always been the expression of Divine Love, which is exactly the theme of the first edition of Sufi Poetry Carnival.

We are happy to have among us some of the eminent contemporary sufi poets, dervishes, translators and authors to grace the carnival with their kind participation. Notable are Coleman Barks, Daniel Abdal Hayy Moore, Kabir Helminski, David Fideler, Irving Karchmar, Sabrineh Fideler, Aida Toure and Wahiduddin Richard Shelquist. Also there are participations by many blessed hearts across the globe and each of their poems testifies the outpourings of Love for the Divine.

The poem below is a collage assembled from the first lines of poems (thats Tiel's brilliant idea) contributed. Click on each line to read the original poem.

. Serving Love of the Beloved .

In poverty stands he firm with eyes
those eyes that search for the miraculous
searched for my Beloved everywhere ... in vain.
Some of us seek and forget,
but You never taught me how to fly.
Moulded with the ability to think
Forget all that cleverness, just be in Love.
There’s courage involved if you want to become truth.

Take a walk, lose yourself to the nature.
Everywhere on the tongues of birds
hear, O darvish, the song of Love.
Love's concert is calling.
The big sky smiled so wide!
Just as we smile with
a tulip in spring.

Any fool can talk to God.
Confucius said that words are the voice of the heart.
The man with the oud played a lullaby tune-
closed lips speak loudest.

below are the name of the authors and the titles according to the above collage:

Beaman | Marzuq: One Word - Poem
Kabir Helminski | Ghazel for the Prophet’s Birthday
Shree | Sunflower
Kevin | Forget
Hind Rifai | Divine Teacher
Sha Najak | Emptiness
Abdur Rahman | Just Be in Love
Coleman Barks | Not there

Mystical Nima | This Violin Playing Flame
PB Sweeney | The Peace of Dawn is Not Illusory
Irving Karchmar | The Song of Love

Paul Martin | Sky Smile
Hamza Peter Weismiller | 5 Sufi Haqqu
Kenza Saadi | The Tulip
David and Sabrineh Fideler | Invisible Caravans
Wahiduddin | The Journey of the Heart
Aaminah Hernández | A Few Simple Poems
Tiel Aisha Ansari | The Oud Player in the Garden
Sumeia Williams | Unspoken

the other part of the Sufi Poetry Carnival: The Growing Garden of Love is published by Tiel Aisha Ansar in her blog, Knocking from Inside. pls visit here.

A humble prayer | The Prophet of Love and Mercy, Muhammad, by the Permission and Power of God, has promised the most sublime of promises: "You will be with the one(s) you love." May your precious expressions of Love Divine take you closer to be with the Real One. Amen.

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