Friday, February 11, 2005

Khachar Bhitor Ochin Pakhi Kemne Ashe Jae

"Khachar Bhitor Ochin Pakhi, Kemne Ashe Jae?
Tare dhorte parle mono beri, ditam pakhir pae.

Mon Tui roili khachar ashe
Khaccha je tor khacha bashe
Kondin khacha porbe khoshe
Lalon kede koe

Kemne Ashe Jae!"
- Bangla Folk Song by Lalon Fakir, a great mystic soul of Bengal.

Literal Meaning of 1st two lines, "Look how does the Mysterious Bird inside the Cage comes in and goes out. If I could only hold it back, I would put chain around Bird's leg." ... Here the bird signifies human soul, the cage signifies human body. Coming and going signifies unending birth and death of mankind. A wonderful song both in meaning and tune.

Then it goes, "Lalon Laments: 'O mind you are deluding in your dependency on the Cage, your cage is destined to doom someday.'

See how it comes and goes."

[>] You may listen (stream audio) to this beautiful song in original Bangla here. alternate link. download real format here.

[>] Listen a modern acoustic rendering of the song.

[>] Listen here a instrumental track via esnips of the song. Pin It Now!