Friday, January 14, 2005

Krishnamuri :: A Great Mind

Krishnamuri (1895-1986) is one of the greatest philosophers of the age - The Dalai Lama.

Kirshnamurit went from his origins in a small south indian village to become one of the great spiritual teachesr of twentienth century. He taught that the only way to peace on earth is in the transformation of the human psyche. This transformation is a truth each of us must discover within ourselves.

Meditations by J. Kirshnamurti (read in 13th Jan, 2005, collected from Central Library, NUS)
Selections made by Evelyne Blau.
Shambhala, 2002

Krishnamurti fountation of America

:: A few books by Krishnamurti
The Only Revolution
Freedom from the Known
Krishnamurti's Notebook
The Impossible Question
The FLlight of the Eagle
The Awakening of Intelligence
You are the World
Beyond Violence
Talks with American Students
Talks in Europe
THe Wholeness of Life
Beginning of Learning
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